You'll find our property virtually free of gopher and squirrel holes


The burrowing pest issue that plagues the valley has been a major concern for our farm.  The potential catastrophe these tunnels and holes create is too great for us to ignore.  So, we decided to address the issue.  We couldn't be happier with the results.


  • 210' x 210' all weather ring
  • 20m x 60m mirrored dressage ring         
  • Double stalls - 12' x 25' matted
  • walking paths
  • 60' round pen

  • generously sized tack room

  • separate farrier area
  • entire property enclosed by wire mesh      rodent / gopher / snake  barrier 
  • Burrow Blockerâ„¢
  • 20 individual turnouts with shade shelters
  • 8 all weather turnouts
  • 4.2 acre turnout with shade structure
  • 3 extra large turnouts with shade structures

  • bright, open air design

  • custom mesh stall doors

  • 3/4' rubber stall mats

  • automatic waterers

  • individual stall saftey fans

  • automatic fly spray system

  • hot water wash stalls

Facility amenities:


Facility services included with monthly stall board:


  • Turnout - 7 days a week (included)
  • Grain 2x/day (most grain brands included) 
  • Hay 3x/day (hay included)                                      (no max limit per horse)
  • Daily stall cleaning (included)
  • Shavings (included)
  • Suppliments administered by staff           (suppliments supplied by owner)
  • donning fly masks, boots, fly masks, fly spray by staff (supplied by owner)
  • Blanketing by staff (blankets, sheets, rainsheets supplied by owner)
  • Daily baby pads supplied and laundered by farm
  • Farrier appointments
  • Emergency trailering available 24/7 to Alamo Pintado for horses boarded                                       

 Boarding and training options are available.  References or professional referral is required towards these services. 
We strive to make a good fit for our clients and regard the farm as a community.
As such, there are rules but they are simple - 
practice kindness towards your fellow rider and your animal, be responsible, be safe, and competition......
only belongs at the horse show.
In full disclosure, we do have a list of barn rules but our core values of kindness, responsibility, and saftey dominate our every interaction at the farm.