HITS Culpeper VA

Horses are fed at 6am and 5pm with your choice of feed.  Hay, feed and shaving are included in the board rate (the only feed we do not feed at Fairfield Farm is Cavalor).  Our hay is the finest Premium Timothy shipped to us from Northeast Nevada.  All suppliments are supplied by the owner of the horse and your supplements will always be delivered to your horse.  We do not "add on" costs for blanketing; donning fly masks, boots or fly spray.

In winter, horses are turned out at 7am on grass paddocks.  In summertime our horses spend the night outside in order to avoid the heat of the day.  Special needs horses can be turned out in sand stalls and will be given hay throughout the day.  Automatic waterers are fully drained and cleaned once a week - in the summer they may be drained and cleaned more often, as needed.  Our grass paddocks range in various sizes to accomodate your horse or pony.  The retirement turnout is limited to 5 horses and is 475' x 325'.  Retirement horses do not remain outdoors, they come into a stall just as the working horses do.

The barn is an open air facility.  All stall doors are wire mesh allowing air circulation fundamental to horse health.  A fly spray system runs thorought the barn.  Individual fans are supplied in every stall.  A leather halter with a throat latch is required by the farm as is a lead shank that remains attached to your halter.  Your halter and blankets will be tagged with brass tags to identify ownership.   

Fairfield Farm is a membership farm.  Every client is a member of Fairfield community.  As such, there are rules but they are simple - practice kindness towards your fellow rider and your animal, be responsible, be safe and competition only belongs at the horse show.  In full disclosure we do have a list of barn rules attached to your client pack but our core values of kindness, responsibility, and saftery dominate our every interaction at the farm.

Our new 200' x 200' riding ring is presently under construction and is scheduled to be finished by Spring of 2020.  It is designed to be a true all weather ring.  The footing will be as safe to ride in the rainy winter months as it will during all other seasons.  We are fully aware that maintence is paramount to footing quality and we will be watering and dragging the riding ring, with our TR3, several times a week.  We will also be offering our new 300' x 250' grass riding field to our clients.  It is being babied along and will be open to riders once it has been solidly established.  All our jumps are aluminum and have been manufactured by Jumps West.

Monthy board at Fairfield Farm is $1,500.  Every horse receives the same premium quality of care.  Management resides on the property and is consistantly available to boarders regarding their horses' wellbeing.